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First impressions tell a story and that’s exactly what your resume is designed to do. We know the job hunt can be a grueling process, so here are some helpful tips to make sure your resume paints the right picture and emphasizes your experience to capture that hiring manager’s attention.


Do Your Research

As you apply to jobs you are interested in pursuing, make sure to identify the specific skillsets that are required for that position. Go back and edit your resume to make sure it highlights all of the characteristics and professional experience that make you the ideal candidate for the job.


Professional vs Technical Resume

Most people don’t know the difference between a professional resume and a technical resume. A technical resume is designed to display your skillset relating to your work experiences in the data and technology fields. Use a technical resume to expand on your industry-related knowledge to really get an employer’s attention. Make sure to keep it short and concise, as hiring managers typically spend less than six seconds browsing through your resume, according to a study performed by TheLadders.

To take it a step further, create a comprehensive portfolio of the applications and projects you have created or contributed to. This shows employers tangible proof of the technical experience you shared in your resume.


Keep it Organized and Chronological

To capture the reader’s attention and keep them focused, make sure your resume is organized and chronological. Don’t overwhelm the reader with large paragraphs—instead, highlight major tasks you accomplished throughout your role and elaborate on numbers and goals achieved. Make sure you aren’t repetitive in explaining your duties in the role; instead flesh out your thoughts, but make sure to focus on what you want the reader to know and what will make him or her want to hire you.

Use formatting like bolding and italicizing on titles or names of places you have worked to add structure to the layout and make it easy to distinguish between sections. This will cause the reader’s attention to be instantly captured and will give light to your experiences and level of expertise.


Get Yourself Noticed

Connect with the organization’s hiring managers and department directors on LinkedIn so they get a better idea of who you are professionally. Make sure you have a professional profile picture uploaded and have your education and most recent work experiences and achievements listed out in detail. Your LinkedIn profile should be an online version of your physical resume. First impressions count, so be sure to convey the best one using your resume and LinkedIn profile!


And if you don’t know where to start, remember that at UNC Charlotte Boot Camps, our career services helps you each step of the way during the job search! You’ll get resume assistance, portfolio reviews, technical interview training, and more to help you put your best foot forward. Learn more on our student support page.

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